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07 FEBRUARY 2011

Dear Claudia,
You have no idea how much I appreciate the help that you gave me. After years of reading that you shouldn’t eat carbs and that I don’t eat enough protein I was very pleased and shocked to know that I could eat rice, bread and potatoes again. As you will remember, I was quite upset that I had put on what was to me, a considerable amount of weight and no matter how much I exercised (which wasn’t insignificant) I couldn’t lose the weight. I know realise that I wasn’t eating enough and wasn’t eating frequently enough or the right combinations of foods. I used to skip breakfast and exercise heavily in the morning, I wouldn’t allow myself to eat carbs and then, taking the advice of some personal trainers, I cut out all carbs completely and ate protein and more protein. This didn’t seem to work either and so I then tried the Herbalife program. I didn’t like this program as it is not sustainable and you have shakes for 2 of your 3 meals along with sugary protein bars. You were so calm and assured me that I could lose the weight and have a healthy vegetarian diet. I wanted the diet immediately and you wisely withheld it until you received my blood results back. I decided that I was going to stick to your diet and not budge from it. Nothing else worked so why not.  I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation involved with the good and even bought some fancy shiny new scales! I used to peel the skin off of my apples but you told me to eat the skin so I did. You have opened me up to a variety of new foods and foods that I had removed from my diet – strawberries, raspberries, vegetarian sausages, potatoes, rice, satsumas – which I now love! I love that the diet changes on a day to day basis – you don’t even feel like you’re on a diet as you get 3 meals a day along with 3 snacks. Unbelievable, I eat more now than what I did before and I truly struggled to eat everything on Sundays but you told me to and so I did!  After my first visit to you I was amazed to have lost almost 7kgs – I knew I had lost weight as I could fit back into clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear. It just spurred me on. I was very concerned about a trip to Florence as I worried that I wouldn’t be able to do my food over the weekend. Instead…I packed my scales and off I went with a lot of my food already prepared for the Saturday and Sunday. I bought fresh items whilst I was there. I recently did the same thing on a trip to Barcelona! You were incredibly supportive of my need to lose weight. You’re an inspiration Claudia and I thank you for your help and education. I am now on a maintenance plan which again, is varied and maintainable. I will keep my weight within the healthy range for my height and activity levels and if it ever blows out I will be straight back onto the diet! Thank you once again for your help and guidance.

Horacio Lacunza


I would like to mention that as I was having lots of health problems and my GP wanted me to lose weight, after having seen various nutritionists and also tried different diets I decided to do something new about it, and I went to see Claudia Louch.

During my first session, I realized her professionalism and knowledge. After the first consultation and some blood tests, she gave me a diet which she had created in order to improve the areas that were a problem for me, such as high cholesterol and blood pressure, poor liver function, bad circulation, joint problems …. should I go on?

When I read the diet sheet, my first question to Claudia was - What else can I eat when I feel hungry?  Her reply was a promise that, if I followed the diet exactly as given, I would not be hungry! And that is exactly what happened!

I followed her diet, and within the first two weeks I could see and feel the pounds going away!  I continued with her recommendations and within 5 months I had lost an amazing 4 and a half stone! All my tests are now normal, and I feel so much more energetic, healthy, obviously lighter and with so much more enthusiasm!

When my GP saw me for the first time after having lost the weight, he could not believe it, and asked me for Claudia’s contact details in order to refer other patients with a weight problem!

You may be thinking that you have heard it all before, but I would be quite happy to give you further  information, through Claudia Louch.

Horacio Lacunza


I had suffered for years with various facial rashes that came and went, and was always tired when, about three years ago, I developed rashes and blotches on my face that first became permanent, and then began to get worse.  My eyes watered all the time – I had to stop using eye-makeup. I went to see a consultant dermatologist who immediately prescribed a topical steroid cream and then another immuno-suppressant cream.  The rashes diminished but they were still there and still flared up from time to time – they were obviously symptoms of an underlying problem or problems and, although the creams helped suppress the rashes a little, they weren't treating whatever was causing them.  I really didn't know what to do next; but then I met a friend I hadn't seen for a while.  In the past, she'd always looked pale and exhausted but now she was radiant – when I said how marvellous she looked, she told me that she had been seeing Claudia Louch at the Phytoclinic.  She suggested that I go and see Claudia as well.

I am so grateful that I took my friend's advice.  Claudia listened very carefully to everything I told her and then sent me for a series of blood tests, including allergy tests.  The lab is close by and can do blood tests immediately without appointment so I had them done that afternoon.  She also asked me to stop using all my usual cleansers, moisturisers and shampoo, and instead to use her plant-based, chemical-free preparations.  I had several more blood tests over the next few weeks and each set of results told Claudia more and more about my health, which allowed her to prescribe supplements and tinctures that quickly improved the various underlying conditions she'd identified.  The allergy tests showed that I was very allergic to all dairy products and to several other things that I'd been eating all my life, and Claudia suggested suitable replacements.

My health has improved dramatically: I am no longer tired all the time; I have much more energy; the rashes on my face have virtually cleared up; and - best of all - I can wear eye makeup again!

During her initial examination, Claudia weighed me and said I needed to lose weight –which I'd been trying to do for years - and that she could help.  I followed her weight-loss diet meticulously and, even though it only allows 1,000 calories a day, I never felt hungry as it is so well balanced.  I've been a yo-yo dieter all my life so I didn't really know what a sensible eating plan looked like, but Claudia's weight-loss diet showed me how to eat properly: for the first time in years, I ate potatoes, pasta, rice and bread.  The weight still fell off and within 6 weeks I'd lost nearly a stone and a half.  Now I follow Claudia' maintenance plan and if I put on a couple of pounds, I know how to get back on track.

I am so grateful for Claudia's help – I cannot recommend her practice at the Phytoclinic highly enough.

Jane Kilpatrick


After a lengthy period of feeling generally unwell, blood tests taken by my GP showed that I had an under-active thyroid gland.  My GP’s instant reaction was to prescribe thyroxin which I then took for almost 2 years, no other advice was given.  Whilst subsequent blood tests showed my thyroid levels as ‘normal’, I still felt lethargic and found it impossible to lose the weight I had gained prior to diagnosis.  I was going to the gym regularly and following a low-calorie diet. My GP was unsympathetic – their view was that I had a medical problem and I was being prescribed medication to deal with it.   Eventually, I came across an article in the Daily Mail which mentioned Claudia Louch.  I used the internet for additional research and then decided to make an appointment to see Claudia.

Claudia reviewed the blood test results from my GP’s diagnosis and immediately saw that my thyroid function was actually normal, but my condition had occurred as the level of antibodies I was generating was excessive.  Her advice was to stop taking thyroxin and to switch to a plant based medication that she would prescribe.    I admit I was initially unsure but I felt that I had sufficient confidence in Claudia to take her advice, so I followed her recommended course of treatment and personalised diet.  I lost the surplus pounds steadily and 6 months later found myself feeling so much better, more confident and no longer suffering the lethargy that I had become so used to.  I still have my regular blood tests and these show that my thyroid function is completely normal

My family and friends said I had ‘lost my sparkle’.  Claudia helped me to regain that and I now realise just how fortunate I was to see that newspaper article.

Carol Hill


Dear Claudia,

How My Health Was Before I Saw Claudia.  
Before I saw Mrs Louch, I had suffered from epilepsy for over 25 years and more recently had been diagnosed as having essential thrombocythemia following two mild strokes, a disease which is the result of a gene mutation and which asks the body to produce too many platelets in my blood making it too thick and me prone to strokes.     To reduce the threat of further strokes the NHS put me on a cocktail of drugs which made me feel very ill.  A visit to Claudfia Louch resulted in her advising me to replace the cocktail of drugs with a combination of plant based tinctures and a Vitamin B Complex which resulted in the elimination of the toxins which was causing the high platelet production.  A visit to a Neurologist was advised by Claudia Louch, from whom I learnt that the NHS should have taken me off the anti-epileptic drug years ago and that that was the most likely cause of my gene mutation/essential thrombocythemia.   

How I Felt During My Treatment.  I changed to an alternative anti-epileptic drug and continued to take the plant based tincture and Vitamin supplements prescribed by Claudia since when platelet production has fallen steadily.  Over time my platelets have fallen to a level well within the norm and I may now be able to reduce further the drugs which I need to take as Claudia’s tincture is increasingly reduclng the level of platelet production now that I have completed the change over to taking the anti-epileptic drugs.

Am I Happy  With The Outcome?  I am delighted with the outcome as I can live a normal life without feeling ill all the time from the side effects of the drugs which others using the NHS are having to take.

How I Feel Now.  I am only having to use a small amount of the NHS recommended anti-platelet drugs to keep my platelet production at the normal level, to the astonishment of the local NHS experts, who do not understand how I am managing to live a healthy life without the side effects which other patients with this condition are suffering from.

Christopher Emerson


Dear Claire,

I will always thank you for introducing me to Claudia Lauch, she is so thorough.

What a result! l have lost two and a half stones in six months, and have a clean bill of health. Problems that marred my life such as serious obesity, high blood pressure, depression and exhaustion are now left behind for good.




Dear Claudia,

Here is my testimonial. Sorry if is so long. Feel free to edit out anything you wish, to make it conform to the style of your web site.


Richard C. Dillihunt, M.D.