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Skin Clinic

How & Why Our Natural Skincare Treatment Works


Bespoke Medicinal Plant Based Cosmeceutical Formulations

Our Human stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis) organisation mimics a skin care emulsion: its complex molecular structure is composed of an hydrophilic (water) phase stabilized in a lipophilic (fat) continuous phase.

Nowadays, the composition of cosmetic products could not be further removed from the “natural skin composition”: petroleum derivatives, cross linked acrylate polymers, ethylene oxide based surfactants, formaldehyde donors, parabens and many more are largely used and often responsible of irritations or allergies.

In order to enhance the activity of topical products and improve their local tolerance, we customise for our clients bespoke pure plant based, biological formulations free of artificial preservatives.

We have pioneered and created a new generation of bespoke skin care formulations.

Most topical products commonly found in various shops are composed of components which provide cosmetic qualities to the product (texture, comfort, skin after-feel), but are not biologically active. Those components are used for the product stability, viscosity; prevent microbiological contamination and/or chemical degradation. However, they can frequently compromise local skin tolerance. This is particularly the case with certain preservatives, fragrances, sunscreens and colour additives. Those have no biological activity/benefit for the skin: They are regarded as useful “in the packaging”, but useless for the skin.

Our medicinal plant based active ingredients provide our products with the following specific activities:

  • sebum control
  • anti-ageing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • moisturizing
  • medicinal
  • soothing
  • sebum control

The biological activities of our natural core ingredients are moisturizing to the superficial epidermal layers; healing in relation to wound healing and anti-ageing; anti-microbial and antiseptic; soothing as containing plant based anti-inflammatory and free-radical scavenging agents; our products are also designed for sebum control.  Hence, our plant based active ingredients are useful for your skin and biologically active!

Our bespoke cosmetic products will be solely formulated to your and your skin’s specific requirements, providing you with you own customised, natural and bio-active skin care range.