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About Phyto Natural Skin Clinic London

Phytoclinic About The Natural Dermatology Clinic

Channel 4’s cutting edge program ‘How Toxic are You’, emphasized Claudia Louch's view that skin-care can be formulated without the use of chemicals such as paraben, sodium lauryl sulphate or titanium dioxide.

Claudia creates not only chemical free skin-care but takes it one step further by customising and personalising your entire skincare regime, internally and externally.

Claudia Louch is a skin care expert, with a background in pharmacology, plant based medicine and clinical nutrition. Claudia is responding to the popular demand for bio-organic, 100% natural skincare products. However her treatment is more than skin deep, she also treats the client internally with medicinally plant-based tinctures. This internal and external treatment is unique in that it is fully personalised, complete with your own specific dietary plan and customised skin care products. Thus ensuring all individual needs have been met and you’re that much closer to having glowing, beautiful skin.

A background in science has enabled Claudia to develop and formulate pure plant-based cosmetic and medicinal skin care products (Cosmeceuticals) which are bio-organic and based on sound scientific principles. Each skin-product is customised to meet the needs of each client after a thorough consultation and thorough health check-up. Each patient is prescribed with his/her customised plant-based internal remedy. These tinctures are plant derived anti-oxidants and not conventional supplements. The preventative treatment focuses on preserving collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastic tissue.

What is a Botanical Cosmeceutical?

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products which have biological active ingredients. The functioning of these biologically active ingredients on the skin barrier and skin health characterizes the cosmeceutical realm. Botanical Cosmeceuticals are by definition derived from Medicinal Plants. The ability of these ingredients to enhance skin functioning depends on how the Cosmetic Chemist's formulates those into creams, lotions etc. Only an appropriate formulation can maintain the integrity of the active ingredient, deliver it in a biological active form to the skin, reach the target site in sufficient quantity to exert an effect, and properly release it from the carrier vehicle.

Botanicals we use

Our medicinal plant extracts derive from leaves, roots, fruits, berries, twigs, bark and flowers and we use only the highest quality of ingredients to formulate our cosmeceuticals. All our suppliers are certified by the MHRA in the UK.
The most important factor contributing to the biological activity of our botanical cosmeceuticals is the source of the plant material as each botanical part may contain over 200 different individual chemical constituents. We take an enormous pride in customising our products individually for our patients to ensure the best possible results.