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What are Aromatic Waters?

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Aromatic waters are highly therapeutic distillates, which harbour the lighter essence of an aromatic plant.

They constitute a very safe and effective way of prescribing the volatile principles and vital essence of a plant internally and are ideal in the application as facial toners. They are used as after cleansing and before applying a your day or night cream.

An aromatic water is water enriched with the water-soluble volatile components of a plant, giving each aromatic water its individual smell. The water-soluble volatile components are actually in solution, and give the aromatic water additional properties not possessed by the essential oil alone. They include substances like hydroxy acids, carboxylic acids and many others, which modify and balance the action of the pure oil. These water-soluble volatile constituents provide the aromatic water with a more wholesome action, which is more like that of the whole plant when compared to the action of the pure oil.

Pure essential oils act in a mode that is more akin to that of isolated principles. However, essential oils, when naturally dispersed within the complex of an aromatic water, are moderated and balanced by the water and its water soluble volatile components. Furthermore, the composition of the essential oil which is dispersed into the aromatic water varies considerably from that of the pure essential oil which separates and floats on the surface of a freshly distilled aromatic water. The dispersed oil contains a higher ratio of the gentle-acting, water-loving components like alcohols, and a lower ratio of the harsher, water-hating components like ketones.

Aromatic waters capture a broader range of both the water and fat-soluble volatile constituents of a plant, and this contributes to their efficacy and safety.