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How to Use Our Natural Phyto Toners & Creams

Phytoclinic General Check Up


Customised Infused Medicinal Plant Extract Skin Toners:

Your skin toner comes in a bottle with a ‘spray top’. Use 3 to 4 sprays on face and neck after washing your face in the morning and evening. Gently pad the fluid onto your face and neck area. Wait a few seconds before applying your skin cream and/or oil.

Customised Infused Medicinal Plant Extract Skin Cream:

Please store in a cool and dark place. Creams don’t need to go into a fridge, unless it is very hot. Use a cotton bud (never your fingers as all creams are preservative free) to extract the cream from the jar and apply directly on face after your customised toner and/or infused oils unless otherwise stated on the jar. Use a clean cotton bud to stir the cream from time to time.

A wide range of cosmetic and medicinal preparations for body and face are available at our clinic. We only formulate our preparations for the individual purpose and use of our patients. Hence, if you wish to obtain your own customised skin and/or body care regime you can:

  • Access the ‘Customise my Skin Care’ Section of our Website or
  • Come for a unique skin care consultation to our clinic, which you can book via our website or by ringing +44 (0) 20 7491 1491.

*Please note that changes in our product’s texture and consistency may occur, as normal in naturally preserved products. Some people may be sensitive to one or more active plant extracts. Should you have ever experienced a side-effect from a plant based cosmetic, refrain from using those and consult your doctor for an allergy test. Please note that cosmetic products are not eligible for returns due to health and safety regulations.