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Health Clinic

Nautral Health Clinic in London; Immunity Clinic

When your body encounters a germ, its first line of defence is your immune system. Specialized cells and organs help your body recognize and respond to foreign invaders. Your immune system even has its own circulatory system, called the lymphatic system.

If your immune system cannot do its job, the results can be serious.

Disorders of the immune system include:

  • Allergy and asthma - inappropriate immune responses to substances that are usually harmless
  • Immune deficiency diseases - disorders in which your resistance to disease becomes dangerously low
  • Autoimmune diseases - diseases causing your immune system to attack your own body's cells and tissues by mistake

There are too many diseases falling under this category, but here are a few:

Agammaglobulinemia - Anaphylaxis - Antiphospholipid Syndrome - Autoimmune Diseases - Common Variable Immunodeficiency - DiGeorge Syndrome - Electrosensitivity (not on MeSH) - Familial Mediterranean Fever - Graft vs Host Disease - Granulomatous Disease, Chronic - HIV Infections - Hypersensitivity - Hypersensitivity, Immediate - IgA Deficiency - Immune Complex Diseases - Immune System Diseases - Immunologic Deficiency Syndromes - Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome - Latex Hypersensitivity - Lymphoproliferative Disorders - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Purpura, Schoenlein-Henoch - Samter's Syndrome (not on MeSH) - Severe Combined Immunodeficiency - Sick Building Syndrome - Sjogren's Syndrome - Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome

Medicinal plant extracts and a customised nutritional approach improve the health of many patients suffering from immune related disease. A wide range of laboratory tests are available to diagnose immunological disorders.

International Service
Overseas patients will find a warm welcome at the Phytoclinic. We work with patients from all over the world and have a great deal of experience in meeting their cultural needs. We speak English, French, German and Italian.