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Diet Clinic

Welcome to the Claudia Louch Diet and Nutrition Clinic

Our customised diet plans natural weight loss approach, based on the Set Point Principle, cannot be compared with any other weight loss diet, as it is does not only calorie count and it does not exclude any important food groups.

Every customised diet plan is tailor-made by Claudia Louch for each patient, depending on the patient’s life-style, eating habits and health. Before designing a patient’s diet, each patient undergoes a comprehensive health-check up, which includes typically:

  • Medical and Family Case History
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Blood oxygen measurement
  • Spirometry Test
  • Comprehensive urine test
  • Anthropometrical measurements
  • Metabolic rate measurement

Depending on the medical history of the patient, blood laboratory tests may be advised if necessary.

Claudia Louch designs the customised natural diet plan, once all the data has been collected to maximise the effect and outcome of the natural diet for each patient.

The fascinating discovery that our hormones are very much part of the weight-gain and weight-loss process was made in the 1950s, when two animal breeders noticed a genetic mutation, now known as the defective 'ob' gene, in their mouse colony that led the affected mice to become naturally very obese. Only in 1994 was it discovered, by researcher Jeff Friedman and colleagues at Rockefeller University in New York, that the genetic mutation caused a lack of a hormone in white adipose (fat) tissue called leptin, which if missing, leads inevitably to chronic obesity.

Now it has been recognised that the findings from 1994 where an oversimplification. Leptin is also produced by the stomach and placenta and receptors for this hormone are found  in many tissues. However, in terms of weight regulation the size and quantity of the fat cells are utterly important: more and larger fat cells produce more Leptin. Leptin then signals through receptors in the hypothalamus, which is the control centre for our hormones in the brain, to restrict energy intake, i.e. appetite. Therefore, if this mechanism does not work due to a genetic defect or most commonly due to leptin resistance, caused commonly by years of yo-yo dieting or eating the wrong composition of foods, this causes the hypothalamus to change the body's natural Set Point, which may result in obesity or difficulty in loosing weight.

Most of us are born with an optimum Set Point, which naturally maintains our genetic ideal weight. This is easily brought out of balance through inadequate and crash dieting and if the human body does not receive the correct type, composition and amount of nutrients within one day. Hence, the Set Point must be reset to its original setting, through a carefully customised and monitored approach, which is what the Set Point Diet stands for.

We are proud members of the following organizations:

Nutrition Society UK
College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy
British Association for The Study Of The Liver
Royal Anthropological Institute
Member of the NHS Directory of C & A Practitioners