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Welcome to the Claudia Louch Diet

The Set Point diet is unlike any other diet. It is not a "fad diet" based on extreme dietary concepts and unnatural food intakes”. It respects the underlying science of the body and gently directs it towards lower and balanced nutritional intake, sustainable over time. It serves to restore our body to our natural or genetically programmed body weight or Set-Point.

The fascinating discovery that our hormones are very much part of the weight-gain and weight-loss process was made in the 1950’s, when two animal breeders noticed a genetic mutation in their mouse colony that led the affected mice to become obese. In 1994 it was further discovered, that this genetic mutation resulted in a lack of production in white adipose tissue (natural fat cells), of a key hormone called “Leptin”, which, if missing, leads inevitably to obesity.

Leptin’s function is to signal, through receptors in the hypothalamus (the control centre for our hormones in the brain), to control energy intake, i.e. appetite. Most of us are born with a genetic “optimum or ideal weight”, based on Leptin production levels, directly related to our genetic composition.
This ideal weight is scientifically referred to as our “Set Point”.

Through subsequent research it has become evident that this Set Point can be disturbed by years of yo-yo and crash dieting, or alternatively, by eating the wrong nutritional composition of daily foods. This unnatural food consumption regime and behaviour can induce “Leptin resistance”, a state which causes the hypothalamus to change the body's natural Set Point, leading to body acceptance of a higher ideal weight (obesity) which results directly, to future difficulties in losing weight.

Claudia Louch’s Set Point Diet is designed to reset the body’s genetic balance point, as close as possible, to its original setting. This is achieved through a carefully customised dietary programme, following an in-depth health-check, combined with independent laboratory, blood analysis.

Every diet is subsequently tailored for the individual by Claudia Louch who establishes the overall programme goals and jointly establishes weight loss targets over agreed weekly and monthly periods. Individual progress is closely monitored over the programme period, with active support and dietary changes implemented throughout the period as required.

Claudia Louch is a member of the following professional bodies:

Nutrition Society UK
College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy
British Association for The Study Of The Liver
Royal Anthropological Institute
Recognised PRU HEALTH provider