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Pioneers in Natural Dermatology and Nutrition Medicine London

Welcome to the Claudia Louch Natural Dermatology and Nutrition Clinic London

 “Let us help you to regain your well-being naturally - today and into the future.”

Many of us would like to improve our well being and appearance. The Phytoclinic Natural dermatology and weight loss clinic offers cutting edge, non-invasive, science based, natural, medicinal plant based treatments, alongside natural dietary and nutrition therapy.

Every year since 2005, The PHYTOCLINIC’s cutting edge, innovative, medicinal plant based treatments have helped many men and women to naturally lose weight, improve their skin condition, regain their well-being and boost their confidence, often transforming their lives in the process. Health Scientist Claudia Louch has pioneered and developed all these natural treatments to a very high standard.

The Phytoclinic is a world renowned private nutrition clinic in London, and is at the cutting edge of natural weight loss, dietary and nutritional management, natural dermatology and a world-leader in medicinal plant based treatments for many health conditions.

Claudia Louch runs a very busy private natural dermatology and nutrition clinic in central London, Marylebone.

Why Phytomedicine

Modern and science based botanical medicine at its very best

About Claudia Louch

Health Scientist specialising in nutrition, natural dermatology and weight loss

Diagnostic Tests

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Bitter Orange Cosmeceutical Toner (50ml)Suitable for For mature and ageing skin Price: £ 3...
Damask Rose Cosmeceutical Toner (50ml)Suitable for For oily and impure skin
For sensi...
Comfrey Cosmeceutical Cream (50gm)Active Ingredients INF: Symphytum officinalis leaf I...

News & Press

Claudia Louch features as the BBC's Nutritionist in the program series 'The Supersizers'

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